Eastern Spirit Garage

Are You searching for unique motorbike?
Do You have a vision how Your bike should look like?
Looking for extreme handcraft quality and usability?
You are in right place – write to us, we will build Your dream bike.

Our bikes are unique and exclusive with style recognizable worldwide.
Our custom motorcycles are handmade with huge respect to traditional methods and real handcrafts.

Our story is full of passion, hard work and unwillingness to compromise.
Custom builds manufacturedhere are famous for their clean lines, lightness, technical perfection, utility and design with strong reference to retro style.

Eastern Spirit Garage custom motorbike

Sylwester Mateusiak

I have been interested in motorization since childhood.
My parents told me that as a toddler I used to dismantle toys in order to assemble them again later and make them better.

For the first seven years of work I hardly ever left the workshop.
There was always something to do. All earned money I invested in workshop.

I am inspired by what surrounds me. That’s how my ideas are born.
When I look at a motorcycle I immediately know what I would like to do with it. It’s just like painters or sculptors. I look at the base motorbike like an artist.

To catch the distance to the project I’m working on, I need to to release the pressure and clean my mind – in such a situation I get on my enduro.

Our works

Since the beginning of Eastern Spirit Garage, a dozens of motorbikes have been created.
All of them have been delivered to customers from all over the world.

The high quality of the vehicles created in Eastern Spirit Garage paved the way for the most important custom media.
Photos of motorcycles created in Eastern Spirit were published multiple times by the well known www.bikeexif.com and other opinion leaders as a point of reference.

Our cafe racers have always been in the world rankings of the best machines in their categories.
Unique customs prepared by Eastern Spirit captivate with their idea and innovation.

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